Shared spaces

At Hotel Brosundet, we believe in surprises. Our entrance quietly tells you that you’ve arrived – but it says more: right here on the quay we’ve made a beautiful place to sit.
This sunny spot echoes the Art Nouveau of the past, yet marks a new era. Comfortable aluminium furniture seems to float ethereally above the cobblestone, contrasting with the massive tables and benches cut from reclaimed dockside timber.
As you sit before the boats on Brosundet Canal, listening to seagulls and sloshing waves, you’re surrounded by lush ornamental bushes and flowers in containers. The rusty lightness of the towering perforated sheet-metal sculpture seems just right. Even the rain drain and the parking slots for bicycles are pleasingly elegant!
This is a shared space – not just for our hotel guests, but for all who take delight in Ålesund.