Thoughts from the designer

“Our goal was to find a style that suited the building, with modern amenities, respectful of the past without cluttering up our present. For example, we wanted to preserve the beautiful pine and oak beams that jut into the rooms in surprising ways, and the century-old arched windows in the rooms of the upper floor. They don’t make them like that anymore,” says Mads Emil Garde.
“Challenges? There were plenty of them! I defy you to find a single 90-degree angle anywhere, and you won’t find two rooms that are exactly the same. That meant finding subtly different solutions, such as varying the widths of the beds.”
“We also wanted a bathroom that didn’t seem to take any space. Our solution was to replace the walls with frosted glass that allows muted light to pass freely,” explains the interior architect and project coordinator.
The beautiful interiors of Hotel Brosundet were designed by Snøhetta. This renowned architectural firm also designed the New Library of Alexandria, the Norwegian Opera & Ballet in Oslo, and the Ground Zero Pavilion in New York.