Explore Ålesund and its surroundings

Ålesund is renowned for the world’s most harmonious concentration of Art Nouveau buildings. After the fire of 1904 reduced 850 buildings to ashes, leaving ten thousand homeless, the city was rebuilt in just three years. The architecture is less embellished than what you find on the continent, but lift your eyes as you wander the town’s meandering streets and you’ll see beautiful details, many of them inspired by Viking designs.
Hotel Brosundet is proud to be a part of that heritage; Apokergata 5 was once a packing house for Ålesund’s vibrant klipfish trade. Today it is a listed building, and during our refurbishing we’ve done our utmost to preserve the best of its qualities. Brosundet is the waterway at the heart of Ålesund.
All of Ålesund is within walking distance. For a bird’s eye view, ascend the 418 steps of Aksla – perhaps only then can you fully appreciate the town’s beautiful setting. Here you will see how Ålesund is embraced by scenic fjords, and faces offshore islands and the open ocean beyond. Turning your gaze inland, you see the backdrop of the snow-mantled Sunnmøre Alps.
Our knowledgeable staff is very familiar with Ålesund and its colourful history. We’ll point you to our region’s most exciting attractions, most of them within an hour’s travel. At the top of the list is the Geirangerfjord, where cascading waterfalls are mirrored in tranquil waters, and farms are perched on mountain ledges high above the pristine fjord. You’ll soon see why it is a UNESCO-attraction. Also worth exploring is the beautiful Hjørundfjord with its charming villages and hamlets, but there is so much more …
In cooperation with 62ºNORD we offer tailored excursions and unforgettable adventures. You choose the season – we’ll point you to the delights!