Your room

Our guests smile from ear to ear when they see their room. After the initial surprise, you may feel that the space embraces and subtly enlivens you. Yes, this is a good home away from home – a place to dream.
Let your eye wander. Rough linen curtains offset the sand-coloured walls, while sumptuous bedding in bluish shades hint of northern skies. You’ll find no art on the walls; but the room itself is a sculpture. That’s when you discover some surprising storage solutions – like the space inside your bed for hanging your clothes!
The furniture has been designed especially for Hotel Brosundet. The solid, purpose-built oak furniture subtly echoes the visible wooden beams, clearly from another time. Your bathroom is a luminous delight, with off-white Italian tiles and made-to-order sinks from Finland – but most astonishing are the frosted glass walls that let in muted light.
The outer wall of the hotel drops straight into Brosundet, the waterway at the heart of Ålesund. You can still watch sailing boats coming and going, and fishing boats bring in the daily catch.
Open your window a crack to let in the evening breeze. Perhaps the most wonderful surprise comes when you call it a night, and stretch out on the luxury mattress. Here you can sleep to the gentle sound of waves, on a pillow by the sea.