Sundet Gym & Bath

Sundet is a beautiful and well-equipped gym, outdoor bath & sauna and a soothing yoga room - a place to find your inner balance.

open 24 hours
sauna and bathtubs
open 8-21

Refreshments are available to order or by dialing our lobby bar.

Classes and treatments

morning yoga class
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 7.30-8.30
dynamic yoga class
Tuesday 17-18.15
relaxing yoga class
Friday 14-15.15
massage, available on request
Monday and Thursday
Brosundet Athletic Club
Friday 7-8


To make the most of your training we recommend to book a private session with our personal trainer or physical therapist. For your comfort the gym has a calming relax area and changing rooms with showers. Our personal trainer Karoline Solevåg offers individual training session and nutrition programs. - 25 minutes personal trainer 750,- - 50 minutes personal trainer 1150,-

Sauna & wild swim

Enjoy a moment of luxury in our beautiful sauna. As a part of the adventure we recommend to refresh with a wild swim in the Brosundet canal.


Connect with the sounds and smells of fresh air and salty waters in our outdoor bathtubs. Situated in the middle of the iconic Brosundet canal, this has to be the most relaxing place to explore the city. Surrounded by hot, clean water and crisp air, you will see snow-capped mountain tops towering over the Art Nouveau architecture and small boats returning with the catch of the day. The bathtubs are filled with clean water completely free of any chemicals. Indulge yourself with foam bath, body scrub and body butter from Norwegian Sprekenhus. This is a moment for relaxation and a silent retreat in the heart of our city.


Whenever you find time for a practice we have the perfect hideaway. In mindful surroundings you will find everything you need for a workout, stretching or just to enjoy a moment of peace and silence. To make the most out of your time you can book private sessions with our yoga instructor or physical therapist.

Brosundet Athletic Club

There is no better way to start the day than a moring run in fresh air. Connect with the locals and fellow travelers as we kick off the weekend together. Everyone is welcome to join at their own pace. Our common grounds is the joy of exercise and a perfectly brewed espresso as an after run treat at Butikken – our store front corner shop at Apotekergata No. 5. Join us for three Friday morning runs and get a complimentary cap as a part of our running community.

Price list

complementary for guests
complementary for guests
bathtubs 45 minutes
350,- for guests
drop in gym and sauna
drop in bathtubs, 45 minutes, gym and sauna
massage 25 minutes
massage 50 minutes
yoga class
personal trainer 25 minutes
personal trainer 50 minutes
Brosundet Athletic Club
complementary for all
Book room