Afternoon tea

Our take on the traditional Afternoon tea, served every Saturday in the living rooms of the hotel.

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We’ve revived the old tradition of “Tea Dance” in Brosundet. In the olden days, socializing swirled around Tedans on Saturdays, a weekend opportunity for lively get-togethers of afternoon wine and beer drinking while enjoying live-music. Combining this Norwegian tradition with the British Afternoon Tea, we picked it up as a fun commitment to our city, opening our doors to locals. You are most welcome to join and enjoy a well-appointed selection of tasty teas, tastier beers and refined wines, delicious cold cuts, and delicate pastries with live piano as a musical backdrop.

- Wheat bun filled with Snow Crab.
- Croissant with brie, ham, walnuts, and honey.
- Sandwich with smoked trout and egg salad.
- Sandwich with cucumber and cream cheese.

- Scones served with lingonberry jam, mascarpone, and lemon curd.
- Brosundet's cheesecake.
- Plum cake with apple mulled wine and blond Dulcey chocolate ganache.

- Sweet kisses with walnut praliné.
- Brosundet's cloudberry macarons.
- Chocolate cookies filled with milk chocolate.

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