Fjordcruise to Hjørundfjord

From 18 900,- for a private cruise

Travel by sea to the Sunnmøre Alps and the spectacular Hjørundfjord.

Let us take you to beautiful waterfalls, historical mountain farms, and untouched nature. Experience the fjords with its rich wildlife and exciting coastal culture.


Brosundet invites you on a serene journey aboard our very own vessels, offering a unique way to experience the beauty of Sunnmøre. The essence of the region is best felt through its tranquil fjords, away from the noise and rush of everyday life where the only companions are the whispering waves and the echo of history. Our tour takes you across Storfjorden, where you can enjoy the calm waters and scenic views in quiet contemplation. We pause at Trandal, a hidden gem cradled by the fjords, home to what may be the world's most famous swing, offering views that transform simple moments into lasting memories. We then continue deep into Hjørundfjorden, surrounded by imposing mountain ranges. This route, once traversed by Emperor Wilhelm, offers a blend of natural beauty and historical allure. The journey concludes at the serene hotel Union Øye, nestled at the fjord's end, providing a peaceful retreat in a breathtaking setting. Join us for a more relaxed and introspective adventure through the heart of Norway’s fjord country.

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