Yoga session

Welcome to a sense of calm in an ever accelerating world. Yoga instructor Sunniva Leilani is inspired by traditional hatha yoga, mensendieck physical therapy and mindfulness - offering a curated session of balance, flexibility and well-being.

Classes and treatments

Morning yoga class
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 7.30-8.30
Dynamic yoga class
Tuesday 17-18.15
Relaxing yoga class
Friday 14-15.15
Massage, available on request
Monday and Thursday
Brosundet Athletic Club
Friday 7-8


Whenever you find time for a practice we have the perfect hideaway. In mindful surroundings you will find everything you need for a workout, stretching or just to enjoy a moment of peace and silence. To make the most out of your time you can book private sessions with our yoga instructor or physical therapist.

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