Fjord fishing

Go fishing and enjoy the catch of the day at our restaurant Sjøbua

As Norway's leading export port for fish and fishery products, Ålesund has a long and proud fishing history. With direct access to the open sea, we are happy to show you our secret fishing spots.

Private fishing trip with local captain

Don't miss the famous Borgundfjord fishing that attracts enthusiasts from all over the world. This traditional fishing has taken place for many generations and has had a great impact on the development of Ålesund as a city. Every spring for many hundreds of years Borgundfjord fishing has been a spectacular fishing that has taken place right under the quays, almost in the middle of Ålesund town center. Fishing normally takes place from February through April. During this period the cod together with herring come in large quantities to the Moorish coast for spawning, and the boats lie close in tight to pull up the tasty cod in large quantities. The coastal cod coming into the Borgund Fjord for spawning has been protected, and in recent years the fishermen have had to stay away. But recreational anglers can enjoy the unique fishing in the Borgund Fjord. It is extra nice to deliver your own catch from the fishing trip to the kitchen at Restaurant Apotekergata No. 5. After an exciting day at sea, enjoy a lovely dinner overlooking the Brosundet canal where your catch will be included in one of the dishes served at your table that evening. Fishing is an exciting experience suitable for everyone. We offer fishing trips with the hotel boat.

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