Devold factory

Your destination for culture and shopping.

Opening hours

Monday – friday 10–20 (The craftsmen are open between 10–16).

Saturday 10–18 (The craftsmen might be closed).

7 minutes by boat from Ålesund to the Devold factory.

We offer resident guests an additional 10% discount in all the factory's stores.

Visit the stores

DEVOLD and O.A.D. In the Devold store, you will find our brand store, goods from our factory outlet at reduced prices, and the entire collection of O.A.D., which is a tribute to our founder Ole Andreas Devold. OUTDOOR & SPORT Our surroundings inspire outdoor activities, and at the factory, you'll find everything you need for your adventure from brands like Devold, O.A.D., Bergans, Helly Hansen, Swix, and Sport'n.

BySunde A curated selection of design furniture, textiles, clothing, wellness, and interior items. With a spectacular view from the store, we recommend stopping by for shopping, inspiration, and expert advice. BINDERIET A charming flower and interior shop offering a wide range of items for anyone who appreciates good design. PORSGRUND Large and small items for the home and a selection of local food and drink.

Visit the craftsmen

The factory is home to artists inspired by craft traditions, history, and the surroundings: CELSIUS GLASS STUDIO Production of glass art sold in the workshop's store. DEVOLDBANEN Eager enthusiasts are working to build what is to become the largest model railway in the Nordic region and is today the largest in Norway. Be thrilled by an exciting miniature world with impressive details.

THE BLACKSMITH In the forge, the blacksmith works in the traditional way with fire, coal, air, and metal. THE CERAMICIST Siw is our ceramicist who invites you into her workshop and store filled with locally produced ceramics. THE ARTIST Visual artist Inger K. Giskeødegård has her studio at the Devold Factory. Although she spends a lot of time working outside, this is where all her finished paintings are displayed for purchase and inspiration.

FOOD & DRINK K.Aa.B MICROBREWERY A local craft brewery with production on-site. Brewmaster Kristine Aarvik Bakken invites you to tastings and sales of beer. PRALINA CHOCOLATE FACTORY Sweet homemade temptations such as confections and chocolate in the factory's own chocolate shop, which also offers courses.

Explore the story

The story behind the textile adventure Devold takes us all the way back to 1853. That's when the visionary entrepreneur Ole Andreas Devold started the production of Devold, which has kept both young and old warm for generations. The Devold Factory has been awarded the Olav's Rose (A quality label for experience offerings based on Norwegian cultural heritage) for its experiences that convey Norwegian cultural heritage. DEVOLD MUSEUM Norway's oldest knitwear producer with 170 years of industrial history. POWER STATION The Devold Factory has its own power station and was one of Norway's first power plants. Let yourself be inspired by historical innovation that still powers the factory.


KANTINA The factory's café was established in between shifts and was the factory's canteen and meeting place. Today, we serve locally roasted coffee, homemade snacks, baked goods, and cakes. We have a liquor license and offer both the daily meal and pleasant events.

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