Fjordcruise to Geiranger fjord

From 46 800,- for a private tour

Travel by sea to the World Heritage site.

Let us take you to beautiful waterfalls, historic mountain farms, and untouched nature in the World Heritage area.

Geiranger fjord

Brosundet invites you to experience the serene beauty of the Norwegian fjords aboard the hotel's very own vessels. Departing from the coastal charm of Ålesund, you'll set sail towards the renowned Geirangerfjord, free from the constraints of traffic and tight schedules. This journey takes you past timeless landscapes where mountain farms appear suspended in history. Gliding through the tranquil waters of Storfjorden and Synnylvsfjorden, you'll enter the captivating narrows of Geirangerfjord. Here, the scenery inspired the animated world of Disney’s Frozen, offering a glimpse into a realm where nature reigns supreme. The fjord is a natural gallery showcasing the enduring spirit of remote farms perched precariously on cliffs and the lush, dramatic waterfalls that frame the landscape. Keep an eye out for Matvika, a place rumored to nurture apricots in the warmth of summer, and Skageflå, which offers stunning fjord views from its lofty perch. You'll also encounter the iconic waterfalls: The Seven Sisters cascading elegantly on one side and The Suitor, their eternal admirer, across the fjord. The journey rounds off with the peaceful village of Geiranger, a picturesque ending to a memorable exploration of Norway’s natural wonders. This tour is a gentle reminder of the quiet beauty that lies in nature’s grand design.

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