Molja Lighthouse

An unforgettable overnight stay.

When hoteliers Knut and Line Flakk wanted a luminous landmark for Hotel Brosundet, they procured a hundred-year lease to a lighthouse owned by the City of Ålesund. MOLJA LIGHTHOUSE stands at the end of a jetty, a five-minute walk from our other rooms in Apotekergata 5.

Measuring only three meters across, the 150-year-old Molja Lighthouse presented a delightful challenge to our interior architect and carpenters.

Downstairs they made an elegant and amazingly compact bathroom. Upstairs is a circular bedroom with a custom-fitted bed. You’ll appreciate that when you lie in bed and peer west toward Godøya Island and the Atlantic, watching the Hurtigruten coastal steamer glide by. Today, Molja’s red-and-green beacon is automated but still guides ships into sheltered waters.

Room 47 is your hideaway in small port Ålesund, at once rustic and modern, a very special experience to share with someone you love. It’s a thrilling experience, whether the setting midsummer sun has turned sea and sky golden, or an autumn storm is sending salty sprays high into the air.

Experience Ålesund and the Sunnmøre region with a stay at Hotel Brosundet. Close to Ålesund you will find some of Norway´s most beautiful Fjords, Hjørundfjord and Geirangerfjord, and the majestic Sunnmøre Alps. We recommend a self drive adventure but please note that the hotels has boats to take you on private boats trips to explore the remote fjords. 

Apotekergata No. 5 is one of Ålesund's most exciting restaurants. The restaurant serves a topographic dining experience and is a renowned neighbourhood restaurant. Surrounded by the open sea, the fjords and the mighty Sunnmøre Alps, we have a unique access to fantastic local produce attracting foodies from all over the world.


  • Overnight stay in Molja Fyr day 1
  • Chocolate and sparkling wine at arrival in the lighthouse
  • 5-course topographic menu at Apotekergata No. 5
  • Breakfast basket served at the doorstep of the lighthouse in the morning


Subject to availiability in 2019.