At Hotel Brosundet we put quality first, no matter what. We take no shortcuts, no compromises. Smart decisions does not necessarily revolve around costs, but how our choices impact the world around us. We believe that no measures are too small when the objective is to preserve the environment. Exchanging single-use shampoo bottles with high quality refillable products, may seem like a tiny thing, but we see first hand the amount of waste being reduced by this decision alone.

It's all in the details

Clean sea-project

Floating dock that cleans the Brosundet channel

The Aquapod, developed by Clean Sea Solutions, absorbs all the waste that floats nearby. Despite the fact that it was a relatively expensive investment, the hotel were never in doubt when ordering the floating dock from Clean Sea Solutions.

Reducing plastic

We reduce plastic wherever we can

We strive to reduce as much plastic as possible. We are not a plastic-free hotel, as the properties of plastic in some cases can also contribute to sustainability in form of long-lasting and durable goods. 

Take your slippers home

Don't let them be, take them home and wear them out

We have good quality slippers  and we really want you to take them home, remember your stay and make sure they are used until they are worn out. 

Reducing food waste

Leftovers turned into tasty lunch

At Hotel Brosundet we meet up every day for lunch, eating what's left from our guests delicious breakfast for lunch - minimizing food waste and having a swell time together. 

Candle leftovers spark kids' creativity

Leftovers from burnt out candles are given to arts and crafts classes at primary schools.

At Hotel Brosundet it's safe to say that we really. really love that warm light flickering from a burning flame. So when our candles have done their job inside, we save the leftover-wax and give them new life in Arts and Crafts classes at the local schools, where they melt everything down and make new ones. 

Single-portions out

A final farewell to single use-toiletry, and enjoy high quality, refillable products

The amount of plastic and waste from single portions of jam, honey, butter, cereals, yoghurt, shampoo, soap and other things you will find at a hotel, is massive. At Brosundet we're all about refillable toiletries with high quality products, glass containers and reusable crockery. 

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