A place to dine

The fine dining scene in Ålesund has some remarkable players, but none as interesting as Apotekergata No. 5.


Where candles always are lit and local produce is arranged beautifully, our intimate breakfast area will give you wonderful mornings. At Hotel Brosundet we serve a traditional Norwegian breakfast with a continental feel. For Norwegians, breakfast is the most important meal. Norwegians' good health is often explained by their breakfast habits, which consist of healthy and nutritious food that lays a solid foundation for a new day - whether you aim for the highest peaks or new goals at work.

Monday-Friday: 07:00-10:00
Saturday-Sunday: 08:00-11:00 

Restaurant No. 5

Brosundet welcomes you to its superlative gourmet Apotekergata No. 5. Our present menu is the brainchild of Stig Roar Strømsvåg and will delight your senses while teaching you about local identity, personal family history, short-traveled flavors. Stig believes the future of culinary escapades is - “in foraging, shaping the tastes of local producers or producing these raw tastes ourselves.” The culinary experience travels longer in time than in space - “I honor the culinary secrets my grandmother.” – what arrives at your table honors the age-old tradition of high-quality local raw materials. Open for lunch and dinner, and for the sunny days we have outdoor seating on the barge.


The small store front on the corner where you can buy local food, fresh bakeries and locally brewed coffee. You can always grab a sandwich or a selection ready-made lunch dishes to go, or sit down and enjoy a moment with people watching at the window table.

Arkivet Bar

A curated selection of wine, beer, champagne, spirits and cocktails.

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