Welcome to the morning at Brosundet – A harmonious blend of nature and nourishment

Breakfast is served
Monday – Friday
Saturday – Sunday
Summer and holidays

A Morning of local delights

Start your day in the calm and welcoming setting of Brosundet, where the soft morning light reflects off the water, creating a perfect backdrop for a relaxed breakfast experience. Our light-filled dining area, offering soothing views, is the ideal place to ease into your day.

Our breakfast buffet showcases a selection of local Norwegian produce, featuring everything from artisanal cheeses and smoked fish to freshly baked breads and delightful pastries. Warm dishes are also available, including traditional favorites and comforting classics. We've thoughtfully included options for all dietary preferences, ensuring there's something for everyone with our variety of fruits, yogurts, and cereals. Complement your meal with a choice of freshly brewed coffee, tea, or fresh juices. Here at Brosundet, we believe in starting the day right, with simple pleasures and a peaceful ambiance. Enjoy a morning where care and quality meet, setting the tone for the day ahead.

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