The solution was a floating rubbish bin designed as an inviting floating jetty. The Aquapod, developed by Clean Sea Solutions, absorbs all the waste that floats nearby. Despite the fact that it was a relatively expensive investment, the hotel chose to order the floating jetty from Clean Sea Solutions.

- If we want to take sustainability seriously, we must be willing to take the lead, says Espeseth. 

- We think it's fantastic that a private company like Hotel Brosundet is so forward-looking when it comes to the environment and sustainability that they prioritize an investment like this, praises Matthias van Middendorp, the engineer who is mainly responsible for the design of the floating jetty - and who has previously worked for The Ocean Cleanup.

Sustainability is not on the agenda, it's what we do.

Soon there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans. Colorful particles sparkle on the surface, decorating shores and suffocating life. To us, the ocean is our mere foundation. The origin of our houses were fisheries, our local cuisine is fish, fish, and then some additional seafood. It's what provides work for many of the people who live here and even more for our ancestors. It leaves people from all over the world in awe. We needed that "awe" to come from the wonders, not the waste. - Sustainability and care for our local environment have always been a priority at Hotel Brosundet. Marine waste is a massive problem globally, and being placed inches from the sea, we have a direct view of the problem. Simply overlooking it was out of the question, so we started discussing solutions to how we could make the heart of the city beat stronger, says Hotel Manager Camilla Espeseth.

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